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Facing on the cruel world on a budget while on a shark.

I could be surrounded by 200 plus people and still feel alone.

I’m in love with who I could possibly be.

That body


Okay so I did this twice already, they both worked out great, and I really enjoyed doing it so I decided to do it again :D

must be following meh (hbunot)

The trench coat

White dress shirt

Something with a striped pattern

Ballet flats

The biker jacket

floral print

Pastel hair colors - try splat hair color , ion color brilliance bright.



In all honestly ,the idea of perfection hangs above me ,like stars posted in the night sky. I wanted so bad to be able to experience life like Hollywood displayed boldly for all of us to see.To be consider beautiful is something I have been dying for. The lighter you are the prettier you are…

Unrealistic perfection

Every Weekend

Every Weekend