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Facing the cruel world on a budget, while on a shark.

Your what life calls a distraction.

Is it the way the sunlight peeks through the blinds this brisk Saturday afternoon , thats compelling me to compose.

The New York City Skyline is alway a vision of hope for me!

You know its sad , when people fail to realize their own faults. They are to busy pointing out “flaws” someone else has. Nobody is perfect , just remember that!

Summer hair or whateva

Summer hair or whateva

Family is another world i find no use for.

Mindless selfies

Brief seconds turn into hours and im lost in my thoughts. I thought the real word was cruel , Im saddly mistaken. Downloaded in my mind are the ideas of what im suppose to be and the replays of my greatest blunders.

Truly its been awhile since , an idea worth writing about have popped into my brain.